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Biobased natural composites with low density- even lighter than carbon fiber. Forms crafted from Ekoa fabrics and prepregs are stiff and light with a premium natural aesthetic. Appropriate for nearly every sector, these materials offer transformative products and experiences with a better feel, through weight reduction and vibration damping. Lingrove lightweight, ecological solutions can help enhance every manner of application including recreation, transportation, consumer products and the built environment.  

Natural composites damping qualities enhance applications by absorbing vibrations. With 3x the vibration dampening compared with glass, Ekoa's sonic dampening derives from its low density relative to conventional composite materials. Ekoa can serve as a dampening fascia layer or with its slightly viscoelastic properties, is suitable as a core material for constrained-layer damping (CLD). Carbon skins with Ekoa core or as fascia layer offers  dampened, lighter parts. and a low density core can dramatically dampen vibrations further.

Biobased Ekoa, like all composite materials, is made up of reinforcement fabric in a resin matrix, but one that is worker and planet friendly. This CO2 negative plant-based fabric and eco-resin have an authentic natural quality that adds an emotional layer to many applications. Also in some instances it does not require finishing for a straight-from-the-mold designer material aesthetic with no harmful VOCs!

Lingrove materials deliver solutions that offer a rare blend of high performance benefits translating directly into better products. Our claim, which we do not take lightly, is that parts made with Ekoa are stronger, stiffer, lighter, and vibration dampening. High performance Ekoa-built products are often higher performing though innovative natural materials but also integrative process and design. Imagine a superior performing embodiment of your product that also is truly sustainable.

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Lingrove natural composites

Our Flax linen and other biobased composites help developers craft better products. Lingrove developed Ekoa linen composites over several years of prototyping with partners Entropy and Blackbird to create superior and ecological musical instruments. This family of high performance material solutions includes the full package of flax linen and specially formulated biobased resins. Ekoa pre-impregnated composites and dry fabrics are available in lower than carbon fiber densities yet with superior resiliency and vibration damping qualities. These CO2-negative flax linen technical fabrics are available dry or impregnated with biobased eco-resin, yielding a worker and planet-friendly solution which simply performs better. The beautiful natural aesthetic creates an authentic and differentiated surface finish. Go natural with Lingrove composite solutions and create seriously better product. Ekoa linen prepregs are manufactured in the USA enabling convenient U.S. manufacturing. Sustainable, meet high performance.


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