As we look at the color and design forecast for 2023, one thing is clear. After the long, dark pandemic winter, people are hungry for interiors that connect us to the earth, to each other, and to our creative spirits. The trend is toward more comfortable and healthy interiors both at work and at home. And as with each year, finding the right color, materials, and products to make those healthy, warmer spaces is paramount.

Architectural Digest recently unveiled Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Annual Colormix Forecast. We were happy to note that this forecast is in sync with our own.

According to Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams, “We know that we’re getting energy from the earth and the things that we’re trying to do to move forward, but how does that impact design? Our story this year was really about asking, ‘How do we restore ourselves? How do we move forward? What’s the right tone that we want to take?’”

Customers are looking for calming colors, earthier tones, and natural designs. This is where Lingrove believes we have found that perfect color to match the mood and the moment.  We looked for color inspiration that provided a sense of restoration with natural materials and colors inspired by nature.

Through the process of discovery, we settled on our newest color Ash.

We just released our Ash color, inspired by nature; creating light but warm, comfortable, and calming spaces. We believe that color and design have a direct impact on mood, creativity, and connectivity. Along with other forecasters, we believe that offering colors and designs that provide a connection to the earth—along with an airy vibe—are filling a real need for warm, light interiors in a post-pandemic world. 

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