Our Company

Lingrove is a global expert in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-performance natural fiber composite products under our ekoa® brand. We are now manufacturing plant-based, sustainable eco-veneers and panels at scale; and have flooring in development. 

Our HQ and R+D center is in San Francisco’s Mission district; our main manufacturing plant is located in San Rafael, California. We have additional manufacturing partner facilities in the EU. All ekoa® products sold in the US are proudly manufactured in the US, keeping our supply chain local to achieve our mission of delivering carbon-neutral and negative products to the market. 

ekoa® for A+D is available to replace any veneer, laminate, or panel in interiors – from walls, to cabinetry, millwork and cabinets, signage, and eventually floors. As well, ekoa® for Auto, a sustainable material for the mobility industry, can replace most interior finishes in vehicles – from instrument panels, to door spears, seat backs, and ceilings. 

Now you can enjoy the benefits of having a high-performance, fully sustainable product to beautify and make healthy your product lines and spaces

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Our biobased products and materials promote health from production to installation.

Our Expertise

Our niche is composite science and technology – where we’re committed to every day developing and improving products that are not only healthier and more sustainable than anything on the market but also perform to commercial standards. Learn more about us.

We hope you love ekoa® as much as we do – and look forward to working with you on your upcoming projects. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at