LED Backlighting Applications

ekoa® Bare has a natural transluscence that, when backlit by LED panels or other lighting, creates opportunities for signage, wayfinding applications, and glowing walls.


In this white paper, we delve into the transformative potential of backlighting technology integrated with Lingrove’s innovative material, ekoa. By exploring the synergy between backlighting and ekoa, we uncover new avenues for sustainable design and enhanced aesthetics in various industries.

How To

Solution 1: Take advantage of “edge lighting”. Edge lighting uses side-firing LEDs surrounded by a frame. The light is diffused through an acrylic panel, resulting in a significantly more efficient backlighting solution than using an LED matrix.

To successfully implement this technology, simply use a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to attach the ekoa® to the surface of a diffused edge-lit LED panel, like Lumisheet panels by Omnify. A laser cut mask (or vinyl mask) with a logo/text between the ekoa® and the LED panel allows designers to create logos, words, or other crisp signage.

Solution 2: An alternative solution is to mill out a pocket within the panel and glue or mount the LED panel into that pocket such that the surface of the LED panel is flush with the surface of the substrate. Then, laminate the ekoa® over the entire panel to achieve an elegant signage effect. This typically requires a bead of silicon around the mask to prevent light leaks around the edge


In conclusion, the fusion of backlighing technology with ekoa not only elevates visual appeal but also reinforces Lingrove’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. As we look ahead, this integration promises to revolutionize product design and inspire a new era of eco-conscious creativity.
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