New Ultra-Sustainable Car Interiors for ‘23: Lingrove’s Carbon Neutral Luxury ekoa® Featured in the Palisade at the Open Innovation Lounge
Even Your Car Interior is Going Green and Healthy in the New Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA; January 11, 2023 – Environmental commitment is the new resolution for 2023, and Hyundai Motor Group (“HMG”) and Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (“HATCI”) showcase theirs by featuring Lingrove’s innovative, high-performance, plant-based ekoa® in the Palisade concept vehicle as a luxury and interactive finish, at the Hyundai Open Innovation Lounge in Seoul, Korea. You can view the video here.

Delivering a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel, ekoa® is developed from renewable flax fibers to replace wood, laminates, and plastics with a carbon-neutral, ultra-sustainable material. ekoa® is already being used to replace rainforest trees and carbon composites in musical instruments and wood paneling in homes and offices, and is now in advanced automotive testing, as Lingrove extends ekoa® into car interiors. ekoa® is also available in a format with hidden transparency enabling backlighting effects and/or options for capacitive touch.

“The demand for reinventing mobility with sustainable ekoa® interiors is incredibly strong,” says Joe Luttwak, CEO of Lingrove. “After years of R&D and investment, our high-performance, beautiful, ekoa® is ready to meet our customers’ commitments to decarbonizing their vehicles – while transitioning their interiors to feel like living room spaces.”

Increasingly, customers are demanding healthy and sustainable interiors, without sacrificing luxury and beauty – at all price points. Automobile OEMs look to innovators like Lingrove to deliver the right products to their design and CMF teams. ekoa® on the Palisade doors reflects Hyundai Motor Group and HATCI’s commitment to sustainability and its confidence in the market demand for applying naturetech in even the toughest design challenges.

About Lingrove

Lingrove is on a mission to replace carbon-intense timber, metals, and plastics with superior carbon-negative products to reverse climate change.  Our high-performance composite, ekoa®, can replace wood in all interior applications – from dashboards, to floors, to furniture, and walls – with a cost-effective, carbon-neutral, clean chemistry product that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.  For further information, please visit or contact us at