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( ē · ko · a )

1. Natural flax linen fiber pre-impregnated (prepreg) with post-industry, plant-based resin. 'Prepregs' are a class of heat-cured materials generally stored in a freezer to promote shelf life.

2. Lingrove's signature product allows for complex curves with 3D linear grain with a natural finish quality and customizable color, opacity and fiber orientation. High performance Ekoa® prepregs are made in the United States.



Like all composites, Ekoa® is made of fabric + resin, BUT is plant-based rather than from fossil fuels. CO2 negative fiber and eco-resin is worker and planet friendly. Learn More


Vibration Damping

Natural damping enhances product feel by absorbing higher frequency vibrations. Low density Ekoa® offers 3x the vibration damping of glass and 20% more than carbon.



Our natural composites are 15% lower density than carbon fiber. Ekoa®'s stiffness-to-weight ratio surpasses aerospace fiberglass (E-glass) perfect for most demanding applications.



Ekoa® may look like wood but it offers a rare blend of high performance and aesthetics resulting in simply better products that are stronger, lighter and with a better feel.


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