All our composite materials are produced with a holistic approach to sustainability. All the fundamentals are there: linen fiber is Co2 negative and the post-industrial plant based inputs are 'upcycled' to a performance resin matrix.

Ekoa® is worker and planet friendly material but more importantly it makes high quality durability products that folks can get attached to rather than put into the waste stream.


We provide advanced sustainable materials and development solutions to help you get 'better' to market.


Products should aspire to be high-performance, and potentially heirloom objects of great meaning. We help manufacturers create better products through use of amazingly effective, yet natural composite construction, integrated with user-based design.


How does Flax Linen compare to Fiberglass?

Non-Renewable Energy Use

Human Toxicity

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sourced from BComp



Materials such as carbon fiber that are made from two or more different materials which remain distinct from each other after joining


Natural High Performance Fabrics

Continuous woven and unidirectional fibers beautiful wood-like quality, which does not require finishing and has distinct performance advantages such as light-weighting and dampening

Bio-Based Resin

'Living carbon' that is shared with or derived from the waste stream of other industrial processes

Natural Composite Matrix

Woven or unidirectional plant fibers pre-impregnated with bio-based resins


Old-Growth Forest

A forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance