Frequently Asked Questions

Lingrove is a materials technology innovator that manufactures ultra-sustainable, healthy, carbon-neutral and high-performance products for our built environment and mobility.

ekoa® is an elegant and Earth-friendly solution to replace laminates and veneers with a luxury sustainable option. Made of flax and plant resins, ekoa® is a natural fiber composite (NFC) which is a fancy way of saying composites made from the fibers of plants.

ekoa® Surface comes made for two different industries: A&D and mobility. These two product lines have different resin systems and different performance attributes. Click to learn more about ekoa® Surface for A&D or ekoa® Surface Auto.

ekoa® Surface comes made for two different industries: A&D and mobility. These products have different resin systems and different performance attributes. Click to learn more about ekoa® Surface for A&D or ekoa® Surface Auto.

Our eco-veneers for A&D can be used for wall protection, wall covering, ceilings, and millwork. We also can deliver 4’x8’ in any standard thickness, on any core, with or without edge banding for use in millwork, casework, and fine finishes.

Our ekoa® Surface Auto is designed for interior applications in vehicles and transportation. This is a product that is designed to replace wood veneer or even carbon fiber in the compression molding manufacturing processes. 

  • Luxury look: A rich natural grain finish adds timeless style to walls, entrances, ceilings, and all cabinetry and millwork.
  • Healthy air: Our product is certified for Clean Air Gold, delivering healthy interior environments, free of carcinogenics or odor.
  • Sustainable: Our flax based product is ultra-sustainable, clean, and low carbon.
  • Performing: ekoa® is highly durable; scratch, abrasion, and impact resistant; easily cleaned (including with bleach); and has independent testing to W-102 Type III and KCMA standards.* The benefits are more than skin deep with lighter-than-carbon fibers of superlative strength and damping properties. For the first time, composites enter the realm of designer materials with an authentic natural grain look made from long flax fibers.

ekoa® Surface comes made for two different industries: A&D and mobility. These products have different resin systems and different performance attributes. Click to learn more about ekoa® Surface for A&D or ekoa® Surface Auto.

ekoa® surface for Auto can bend around a minimum of 3mm diameter curves. 

For interior A&D applications and corners, we recommend that your expert millworker deliver a corner solution. ekoa® is not design to wrap around 90 degree corners in the built environment but to be cut.

Our products are:

  • Veneer sheets – 4’x8’
  • Panels – 4’x8’ with any standard core, in any standard thickness.
  • Rolled veneers – 48″x100′
  • Edgebanding

Thickness is about .027″. You can see our full product specifications for ekoa® A&D here and for ekoa® Auto here.

ekoa® is manufactured in the USA. Our input materials are sourced from the US, Canada, and the EU.
We have available for purchase:
  • a sample swatch kit
  • a sample panel in 8″x8″
  • 4’x8’ eco-veneer sheet.
Can ekoa® be cleaned and disinfected?
ekoa® is the cleanest, greenest, and healthiest product in its category and we stand behind our product with certifications including:
  • HPD
  • Clean Air Gold
  • We are Red List Free and Prop 65 compliant
  • PFAS free
Yes. We provide third party testing results to licensed architects and designers.

ekoa® Surface features an in-laminate finish which acts as an effective moisture barrier for regular use throughout the home and office. As with any natural veneer, the edges should be sealed after application.

For more extreme performance or horizontal applications, we recommend coatings. These installation guidelines are available for licensed architects, designers, millworkers or other A&D professionals.

Already a customer? Write us here for product installation guidelines. Architectural and design professionals can also reach us at

You can install ekoa® nearly anywhere wood or laminate is found today: walls, ceilings, tables, headboards, beams, millwork, etc. ekoa® is not currently designed as flooring; but our flooring product will be available in 2024.

Absolutely, and depending on the application we likely have a solution for you! Get in touch with any questions about your project!

ekoa® is pre-finished with a durable plant-based coating that does not stain. However, It can be refinished, if necessary, with a light buff and refinish.
ekoa® is not designed to be sanded as it has a pre-finish which could be compromised as a result. However, if you plan to entirely refinish your ekoa® to change the look, you may lightly buff and refinish it.

Our professional products have a flexible cellulose backing that is designed to be used with wood glue (PVA), wall covering adhesive, or a laminate of your choice. By special order, we can deliver a Peel N’ Stick adhesive backing, requiring no extra adhesive.

The answer depends on which adhesive you are using. Some wall covering adhesives are reposition-able, at least initially. As with any veneer or laminate, though, plan on getting it right the first time. Measure twice, appy once. The Peel N’ Stick version of ekoa® ecoveneer is not designed to be moved or removed.

While very resilient, we have not designed ekoa® Surface for outdoor applications but rather for indoor applications which are less exposed to extreme weather.

Under International Building Code 802.3, ekoa® has a thickness exemption and is exempt from E-84 testing. 

“Materials having a thickness less than 0.036 inch (0.9 mm) applied directly to the surface of walls or ceilings shall not be required to be tested.”

This requirement can be found here and, as of this page’s update, was carried also into building code for all metropolitan areas in the US. 

Click here to link to IBC:

For projects that require Fire A rating, we are happy to recommend a fire coating to achieve Class A Fire Rating as demonstrated in 3rd party testing.

LCAs are required for each new manufacturing facility. Our new manufacturing facility in San Rafael CA (which opens in June 2023) will start the process of securing an LCA in July; and our LCA will be ready in late 2024.

ekoa® was designed to be durable, high performing, and refinishable, with the intent of products that are kept in service as an heirloom. If, someday, your ekoa® application needs to be taken out of service, an industrial regrind process will turn it into an input for new composites products.

We take care to package your ekoa® to ensure that there is no damage. Large orders ship in crates. For small orders, ekoa® Surface veneer rolls or sheets will be shipped rolled in boxes; and panels will be padded and wrapped.