ekoa lingrove carbon fiber mechanical comparison


Lingrove natural composites are the premier choice for a myriad of applications from sports equipment to automotive. Improve the user experience through increased vibration damping, light-weighting, and a natural look and feel (surface layer applications).


 ekoa lingrove carbon fiber mechanical performance

Using with Carbon Fiber

These materials are engineered to have good compatibility with carbon fiber. The elongation at fracture of 1.5% and the coefficient of thermal expansion are similar to carbon fiber. When used with carbon fiber as a core (middle layer/s), Ekoa® flax linen and bio-epoxy prepregs and flax linen dry composite reinforcement fabrics reduce weight and cost while increase vibration damping properties.

The tube shown below, is made with two layers of Ekoatape on the surface and several subsequent layers of unidirectional carbon fiber. The effect is an authentic hard wood-like aesthetic with Ekoa® contrasting subtle carbon fiber. With this type of ‘hybrid’ layup you get the damping and look of Ekoa® with the added rigidity of carbon fiber. This sample has no finish but has been sanded.

 ekoa lingrove carbon fiber