Blackbird's El Capitan and Savoy may look like 100 year old guitars, but upon closer inspection they are actually made using various Ekoa® fibers. These are the first concert-grade ecological, wood-free guitars made with the revolutionary materials.
Lingrove’s advantage: Stability with a vintage sound, look and feel.

Applicable products: P-UD 3.2, P-SU 8.1, and P-SX 10.3

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Blackbird's Clara and Farallon Ekoa® ukuleles offer the best of both worlds: the tone of vintage wood and durability of cutting-edge, eco-friendly construction. Every detail is engineered to generate the acoustic quality of a much larger instrument.
Ekoa® advantage: professional sound quality, environmental stability and rugged durability.

Applicable products: P-UD 1.5, P-SU 8.1, and P-SX 10.3.