Our History

By reverse-engineering the extraordinary strength of old-growth wood, we invented a proprietary formulation and scalable product platform that turns waste and rapidly renewable plants into high performance products.

Our story started in 2010 in the workshop of Blackbird Guitars. A serial entrepreneur and committed environmentalist, Joe Luttwak set a team challenge: let’s make a guitar with the performance of carbon fiber and the sound of old wood – without cutting a single tree or using any toxic inputs. He knew that there had to be a better way. 

And years later, we brought ekoa® to market, first in our musical instruments.

After receiving thousands of inquiries from designers who wanted to use our healthy, natural fiber composites, we developed ekoa® eco-veneers and panels, enabling architects, designers, CMF professionals, and product designers to easily integrate renewable materials and products into their own designs. We spun out the company Lingrove to serve the A&D and green mobility industry with ultra-sustainable products.

ekoa® can replace wood, vinyl, metals, and plastics in interior applications – from walls to ceilings, cabinetry and millworks, to dashboards in vehicles, and so on – with a low-carbon, clean air product that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel

Quality At
Every Step

Now you can enjoy the benefits of having a high performance, fully sustainable product to beautify and make healthy your product lines and spaces – from walls, to ceilings, to cabinetry, and more.

Using renewable non-wood products like ekoa® instead of hardwoods helps to protect tropical forest resources. With our sustainable eco-veneers, you’ll enjoy the luxury look of natural products, created from a product that is harvested every 90 days, instead of 90 years for a hardwood tree.