Fly-Fishing Rods

Edge Rods launched the En V. Fly Rods in 2016. Which, like all of Edge models, are designed by legendary rod maker Gary Loomis. 
The En V. Fly Rods are the debut fishing rods made with Ekoa® Linen/bioresin prepregs and the next evolution in the fly-fishing world: offering the action, a.k.a feel of traditional fiberglass with the fast recovery of graphite. Now because of the unique properties of Ekoa® composites, the angler can have the best of both worlds.



With  Ekoa®, paddles are lighter weight with high dampening for reduced hand, arm, and back fatigue.
An Ekoa® paddle also exhibits a greater strain-to-failure as compared with carbon fiber. These same benefits apply to similar products including golf clubs, rackets, ski poles, walking sticks, etc.

Applicable products: D-UD 1.5, D-RU 3.2, D-SU 8.9, and D-SX 10.3.


Surf & Turf

Boards are perfect for flax linen including surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards. Replace a few layers of fiberglass with Ekoa® and enhance feel through vibration damping and light-weighting. The beautiful natural finish is hard-wearing and waterproof if encapsulated in finish.