ekoa® is where sustainability and aesthetics meet. ekoa® is a beautiful natural fiber composite that was designed to replace hardwoods, laminates, and plastic with a high performance, ultra-sustainable product. To deliver on our mission of creating a suite of carbon negative products that help reverse climate change, our talented engineers are continuously pushing the envelope on innovation with natural fibers.

With Jacob, the inspiration to create started in high school metal shop class when he was assigned a project to create anything that was both functional and beautiful. He utilized a multitude of the shop equipment to fashion a necklace from recycled aluminum. From that day on, Jacob was “hooked on engineering his dreams” and went on to pursue studies in materials engineering.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment at Lingrove, Jacob talked about managing the R&D process for advancing our ekoa® eco-veneers from version 2 to version 3 – creating a more sustainable, more bio-based, and more functional product. Among the many functional achievements, ekoa® eco-veneers are now able to be applied with eco-friendly adhesives.

“It was great to see all of my hard work open more doors for ekoa®.”

At Lingrove, we envision a world where buildings and our built environment make us healthier; and where engineering, design, and ingenuity can help halt – and even reverse – the current climate crisis. In the past, Jacob saw the waste involved in the built environment. Lingrove’s novel solution to create functional low carbon construction materials resonated.

He loves that the flax used in ekoa® can sink 1.4 tons of CO2 for every ton of fiber – not to mention the natural aesthetic of the product As Lingrove continues to grow, including opening a new scale manufacturing plant in San Rafael, California, Jacob is excited to take on new projects, including leading R&D testing for our new Extreme Commercial product – and our carbon negative flooring product.

“I’m most excited about our development towards an ekoa® Extreme Commercial
product with even higher performance. Our unidirectional flax fibers support, creates a product stronger than steel by weight. Still, for we’re working towards the most aggressive standards – further increasing resistance to scuff, abrasion, and high-strength chemicals.”

When Jacob isn’t hard at work, he’s out enjoying nature. “I try to get out on the trails with my dog. If I see any beautiful flowers, I’ll pick them up, and set them up into a bouquet for my desk – preserving nature is a fundamental tenet of mine.” You also might find him on the tennis court.

Fun fact: Jacob attended national tennis tournaments in high school.