Automotive Interiors

Lingrove natural composites provide the perfect functional and aesthetic solutions for car interiors- adding vibration dampening qualities, a designer material experience, and exceptional stiffness-to-weight structures for a high performance alternative.

Applicable products: D-UD 1.5, D-RU 3.2, D-SU 8.9, and D-SX 10.3 and D-PR3 Power ribs (See technical page for details).


Calfee Bike Concept

Craig Calfee is a master bike builder and a pioneer in composite bikes as well as natural materials, so he was the perfect partner to produce Ekoa® bike frames. By using Ekoa® in the layup, the frame exhibits increased vibration damping, izod impact resistance, and a rich natural aesthetic complete with grain.

Ekoa® replaces a twill or plain weave carbon composite layer without any loss in mechanical properties.
Products used: Ekoa® P-SU 8.1