Using Wall Systems to
Manage Moisture Issues


Wall panel systems with a stand-off can be used to manage installations where
there are concerns regarding moisture between the panel and wall surface.

Even if moisture has been controlled at its maximum from the outside, a designer may still be concerned about putting a wall protection directly on offset gypsum. An example where a designer might want to offset a wall system would be in old warehouses with shared walls where moisture cannot be managed on both sides (i.e. different ownership), etc.

To accomplish this, designers can take advantage of using high-performance ekoa® panels with a Fast Mount system which creates an adjustable off-set ranging from 4.5-10.5 mm. Their technical guide can be found here.

Fast Mount Clips

The female PC-DC1 masonry and drywall adapter (for use with PC-F1A) is suggested in conjunction with the male PC-M1B clip. However, any male portion that’s compatible with the PC-DC1 can be used (see below).


When managing significant moisture, you’ll need more aggressive solutions like utilizing a cavity to allow moisture to escape, similar to a Rainscreen (see figure on right). However, for minimal internal moist wall issues, the Fast Mount system can provide a gap between the panel and drywall which will allow airflow and prevent moisture build-up. Of course, a contractor who visits on-site will be able to give the best recommendations for construction of off-set wall systems.

Using ekoa®

ekoa® is a versatile high-performance veneer for demanding projects – for use as wall-protection, wall panel systems, and caseworks.

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