ekoa® Wall Protection

Interested in new decorative, high-performance materials to decarbonize, beautify and make your interior projects healthier?
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Our newest and most innovative product:

Ultra-sustainable ekoa®

eco-veneers and panels are performing enough for commercial spaces, hospitality, and healthcare and beautiful enough for luxury residences.

Ultra-sustainable ekoa®

Impact resistant

Scratch resistant

Bleach Safe

Clean air

Easy to Install

In Stock

Manufactured in San Rafael, CA. ekoa® is so versatile, it can be a drop-in replacement for any veneer or laminate in millwork. Made of rapidly renewable flax fibers and plant resins, ekoa® is low-carbon and certified for HPD, Mindful Material, USDA Biopreferred, and Clear Air Gold.

Luxury palette

Our palette highlights the authentic aspects of long luxury flax fibers, and delivers the promise of large scale installations with continuous (never repeating and always unique) fiber patterns.





Timeless (2024)

Alamere (2024)



Made in the US

To ensure a clean and green supply chain and quick product delivery, we design and manufacture in the USA.